A downloadable game for Windows

A Pong clone with a little bit of polish in ~1400 lines of C90 (not counting embedded assets and included libraries, i.e. stb_image & stb_vorbis), written in a weekend, "from scratch", for fun.

I wrote this as a "game dev kata", primarily to reassure myself that I can still code and have made improvements in the decade since I wrote my first C program.

The lovely soundtrack was made by my fiancee, Moody.


Move the left paddle using Up & Down, or W & S, or the left thumbstick of an XBox controller. Pause & resume with Enter / Escape / Start / Back. Toggle fullscreen with Alt+Enter.


pawng.exe 4 MB

Install instructions

Pawng should run on any 64-bit install of Windows 10. Just download the exe and open it. :) 

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