This is my entry for Lowrezjam 2022. I decided to demake Starcraft: Brood War and see how far I could get within the time limit. The answer is "not very far", but I had fun!

  • This is a recreation of StarCraft's tutorial map, where an SCV will follow your mouse cursor around with pathfinding. That's pretty much it.
  • Press 'M' to toggle the minimap.
  • Use the arrow keys to pan, or move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen.
  • Left click and drag to select units, or left click to select an individual unit, building, or resource.
  • When you select a unit or building, the commands window will appear on the bottom right if that unit has commands to issue. Clicking them does nothing. :)
  • On my iPhone, the game is stretched weirdly, so YMMV with mobile devices.


  • I did a lot of cool art for this which tragically can't be seen in-game.
  • This game is written in C and uses SDL2, Emscripten, stb_image, stb_image_write, and stb_image_resize. Not including libraries, it is about 4900 LOC.


Download 863 kB

Install instructions

Play in the browser! Or, if you really want to download it, you can. Simply extract the zip. You should be able to run the .exe on any 64-bit windows install without a fuss, aside from the usual "Are you sure you want to run this?" nag.


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Just played a little with it. I'm really impressed !

Ok it's not finished, but it's completely normal with the time limit. Also you're doing it if your own game engine (well, SDL :p) so it's way harder !
Congratulations !
I would love to see the full demake someday.

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cool, dude.
though I don't manage to control to build anything. but I think it's cool


So cool. Would love to see a little more work on this, maybe just enough functionality for the first small mission to work, ordering units around and mining/shooting/building. Very neat work!


aw man really thought this was full starcraft lol. Amazing art though. Good job!